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    Ownershipabroad.com is a property and services portal for house hunters looking to purchase or invest in overseas property from a wide selection of countries worldwide. Have a browse around our hand picked selection of properties.

    You will find a wealth of information to make your search and purchase as smooth as possible.

  • Help with your Mortgages Abroad

    In addition to our selection of properties, we can, in association with UK Mortgages Abroad, assist you with finding a mortgage to buy your new home abroad, whether you have chosen a property from our selection or not. Take a look at our overseas mortgage pages which contain much of the information you need to help you make an informed decision as to the route you need to take.
  • Featured Properties

    St Vincent
    Price 175,000
    Property Details
    Apartment Building
    Price 129,950
    Property Details

    Price 83'500
    Property Details

    St Lucia
    Price 160,000
    Property Details

    Price 65,000
    Property Details

    Price 121,000
    Property Details

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